• Just accepted : Detection of organophosphorous gaz (sarin) with silicon nanowire transistors in J. Phys. Chem. C
      • A review on neuromorphic devices,IEEE
      • A paper on resistive switching in oxides in JVST-B
      • A contribution to neuromorphic circuit demonstration : Front. Neurosci. (open access)
        • A new publication on molecular switches and nanoparticules networks in J. Phys. Chem. C
        • Nanodot molecular junctions and effects of mechanical forces : a new paper in Nanoscale.
        • Filamentary Switching: synaptic plasticity through device volatility. To read in ACS Nano.

        Nanostructures, nanoComponents & Molecules


        The NCM group (Nanostructures, nanoComponents & Molecules) is interested in the physics of nanostructures and nanodevices made of organic molecules and/or hybrid systems involving organic molecules, inorganic metal and/or semiconductor nanostructures. We contribute to knowledge development, studying the fundamental electronic and transport properties of various molecular devices based on self-assembled monolayers, small ensemble of molecules, supramolecular assembly of molecules and nano-objects. We also design, fabricate and study functional molecular devices such as memory, switch, memristor (memory-resistor) and synapstor (synapse-transistor).

        Our research objectives are:

        • design and characterization of molecular and nanoscale electronic devices
        • elucidation of fundamental electronic properties of these molecular and nanoscale devices
        • study of functional molecular devices and integrated molecular systems
        • exploration of new device concepts for unconventional IT (information technologies) and bioelectronics.
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